Silver Care

Silver is an alloy containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.
The combination of the two metals gives it strength and durability Silver is softer than other precious metals.
Unfortunately over time silver tends to tarnish there are several reasons and solutions for this.

Here are a few suggestions to help prevent silver jewellery from tarnishing
For best results here are several things you can do to help in the prevention of tarnishing.

It is advisable that all Silver jewellery be removed before swimming.
Swimming in water that contains chlorine or salt in the water can react with silver and copper and create a green surface or tarnish the silver.

If in doubt take off the item of jewellery.
When you are doing things like gardening, dishes etc. remove the item remember silver is a softer precious metal and can be easily damaged.
Storing the item of jewellery properly can aid in the prevention of tarnishing.
Wrapping jewellery in acid free tissue individually will also prevent jewellery from clashing together and causing small surface scratching.
silver left unprotected in air may also cause the silver to tarnish more easily and lose its high shine more quickly.
Polish the jewellery with a good jewellery polishing cloth especially if it will be stored for a while.

Chemical substances
Contact with all chemicals such as those found in household chemicals or high alcohol content perfumes, hair sprays, bleach and cleaning agents etc.  can react with the copper in the silver.

Regular wear
This sounds odd but the more jewellery is worn the less it will tarnish.
Most importantly, wear and enjoy your Jewellery!