Welcome to Boneyard Jewellery

Hello and welcome to Boneyard Jewellery.
My name is Nick I work full time but my passion has always been to create jewellery.
Silversmithing has been a hobby of mine for many years and now I would like to sell the items I create.
I primarily work with sterling silver and use silversmithing techniques to create Jewellery.
In my spare time between working full time and family life I try to make jewellery.
All the items that I make are individually handmade not mass produced in a factory.
Although designs may be repeated each piece is individually handmade making each item unique.
I am registered with the Sheffield Assay Office and all Sterling Silver items over 7.78g will be sent to Sheffield Assay office to be hallmarked.
Please see link below for the Assay laws and requirements.
Dealers Notice

Thank you.

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